Shut Up & Analyse

The team at Shut Up & Write Tuesdays are excited to announce that they have been invited to write a chapter for the forthcoming book, Research 2.0 and the Impact of Digital Technologies on Scholarly Inquiry. The chapter will focus on how a virtual writing group might help postgraduate students and academics develop, maintain, and protect an academic writing practice.

To inform the chapter we will be analysing the usage data for this website and our Twitter accounts, reflecting on our experiences of developing and hosting a virtual writing group, surveying participants, and examining a few of our sessions.

While we’re waiting on ethics approval for the survey component, we want to start examining three recent sessions. To do this we will be looking at the tweets that were sent and received during the sessions on 7th July, 21st July, and 4th August.  For the purposes of the chapter we will aggregate this information in order to provide an overall picture of how our sessions operate. But… if one of your tweets really captures a strength or a limitation of Shut Up & Write Tuesdays, we may quote it (including your twitter handle) in the chapter.

Although tweets are publicly available, we respect your right not to be identified in this way. If you participated in one of our sessions on 7th July, 21st July or 4th August and would prefer not to be identified, please contact us and we will not quote any of your tweets in our chapter.


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