Dr Siobhan O’Dwyer is the founder & coordinator of Shut Up & Write Tuesdays. From 2013 to 2015 she also hosted @SUWTues. Previously located in Australia, Siobhan is now Senior Lecturer in Ageing and Family Care at the University of Exeter (UK). She has qualifications in Psychology, Human Movement Studies, and Higher Education, and has previously worked in the community sector. Siobhan hates it when reviewers say her papers are well written and hates it even more when they don’t. When she’s not sticking pins in reviewer voodoo dolls, Siobhan can be found doing acroyoga, baking cakes for her students, or mastering the art of crochet.




Dr Sharon McDonough was a guest host for @SUWTues from 2013 to 2015 and took over as main host in 2016. She is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Arts at the Mt. Helen campus of Federation University Australia. Sharon has a commitment to working closely with schools and researches learning and teaching in school and university contexts.  Her research interests are in initial teacher education, teacher emotion and resilience,  and mentoring. Sharon is a member of the Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA) executive where she has held the ECR/ HDR portfolio since 2015. She is interested in the use of social media in academic work and tweets at @Sharon_McD




Dr Emma McKinley is a Ser Cymru Research Fellow at Cardiff University (UK), based in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, and co-host of  @SUWTUK.  She has a background in marine and coastal sciences and her work focuses on understanding ecosystem services and marine planning, public perceptions of marine issues, and the application of marketing practices to marine conservation.  Outside of work, Emma can mostly be found cuddling her black lab/ collie cross puppy, Bodhi (yes, this is a Point Break reference), exploring the Welsh wilderness, and generally keeping busy!



Catherine Talbot is a PhD student at the University of Exeter (UK) and co-hosts @SUWTUK. Her PhD research explores how people with dementia are using social media. Catherine is interested in all things social media and her research interests have included #thinspiration, pro-self-harm content, and catfishing. When she’s not working, Catherine can be found inside a quirky coffee shop, appreciating street art, or exploring various parts of the UK (and uploading all of this to her Instagram account).


Puppet ProfilebwDr Jennifer Goff is a dual US/Canadian citizen and co-host of @SUWTNA. An actor, director, teacher, and scholar, Jen’s current position is Assistant Professor of Dramatic Arts at Centre College in Danville, KY. She also co-founded and co-edits an online journal for emerging scholars in theatre and performance studies titled Etudes. When she’s not making theatre, or studying dramatic literature, feminist theory, comic theory, or contemporary Russian theatre, she can probably be found supplying inner monologues for her cats.



Dr Kylie Smith is the co-host of @SUWTNA. Kylie is an Australian living in Atlanta, where she works as Assistant Professor and the Andrew W. Mellon Faculty Fellow for Nursing and the Humanities at  Emory University. Kylie has a BA with a double major in English and History and an Honours degree in Australian history. Her PhD was a psychosocial analysis of risk behaviour in young people in Australian history and her current work at Emory traverses disciplines of history, bioethics, and critical theory. She is also working on one or two books about the history of mental health in the USA  In her spare time Kylie is a crazy dog lady (her words, not ours!) and knits so she doesn’t stab people.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 1.28.21 PM

Dr Michelle Redman-MacLaren is a regular guest host for @SUWTues.. She works as a Senior Research Fellow in the College of Medicine and Dentistry, James Cook University (Cairns, Australia), has qualifications in social work (BSW, MSW) and a PhD in public health where she worked with women from Papua New Guinea to explore HIV prevention options. When not working, Michelle can be found hiking, reading her Book Club book, or planning her next curry night.


Tracey at L'espresso

Tracey Griffiths is interning as a co-host for @SUWTues. She is working on a PhD in history, studying the use and meaning of the colours worn in early modern Venice. After experiencing an extended period of “writer’s block,” Tracey has developed a deep appreciation for online writing groups and healthy work habits. She can frequently be seen writing in one of the many excellent cafes of Ballarat, Australia.

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