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How do you write about real people? Rufi Thorpe reflects.

It’s never too late to write. Introducing Peggy Freydberg.

Do writers need to be alone to thrive? A discussion with Angela Flournoy, Leslie Jamison, and Katherine Towler.

A style guide from a recovering pedant

When it comes to writing, you’re either a cook or a baker, says Anna North.

A writing workshop you can do in your underwear, promises Lidia Yuknavitch.

 Use Your Words! A writing guide from Catherine Deveny.
“A book should not be one’s first and only attempt to address the public” – Advice from Alane Salierno Mason.
Writing in Dark Territory. A discussion between Helen Garner and Anne Manne.
Paralysed by perfectionism? Writing advice from Michelle Russell.
“The best part of writing is the constant searching, the twisting, the turning, the back-&-forth.” Wise words from Ta-nehisi Coates.
Want to write for Mosaic Science? Here’s what you need to know.
Early career writing advice from Pat Thomson and Deborah Lupton.
“Get to your desk at 9am, whether you want to or not.” Advice on making art from Ben Quilty and Andrew Ford.
“I am writer as quiltmaker.” Reflections on writing from Neal Bascomb.
The writing workshop Lidia Yuknavitch says will “rearrange your vertebrae & juice your writing forever.”